Slash Burning


Regulations & Tips

Open burning is prohibited during fire season.

There are currently no restrictions on open and barrel burning during the off-season prior to the start of fire season, or during the wet season in the fall following the close of fire season.

The Colestin Rural Fire District does not normally require a permit for burning. Check with us first, though: Because of dry conditions and escaped slash burns during the past several springs, we have been requiring a burn permit prior to fire season once it gets dry and warm.

Please note that careless burning is the cause of many wildfires and nuisance smoke problems.

Outdoor debris burning is also subject to state and local fire safety regulations.

The ODF states that "both Jackson and Josephine counties have telephone numbers to call to find out whether air quality conditions allow burning." The number to call in Jackson County is: (541) 776-7007.

We also ask that you notify CRFD Fire Chief Steve Avgeris before you conduct a burn, in order to avoid false alarm calls.


Before conducting an open burn:

Consider no-burn options. Woody debris can be disposed of at Biomass One in White City and Murphy and at the transfer station in White City for no charge. Or choose alternatives such as chipping, mulching, or composting.

Please contact us before you burn. Even in wet conditions, we would still appreciate a call, so we don't waste resources on a false alarm if someone else reports your burn as a fire.


When conducting an open burn:

Burn only one pile at a time. Preferably hand-feed it to minimize escape.

Burn only natural vegetation.

Burn piles should be at least 50 feet from structures and 500 feet from any forest slash.

Clear the area around the burn pile of any flammable material.

Burn when the winds are calm or light. It is too windy if trees sway, flags are extended, or waves appear on open water.

Maintain a connected water hose or at least 5 gallons of water and a shovel nearby.

Attend the fire until it is completely extinguished.

And please remember that most escaped burns are not the result of ignorance, lack of procedural know-how, or intelligence, but mere carelessness.

For further information, see Keep Oregon Green's website section on Backyard Burning. The same principles given for burn barrels apply to open burning of slash piles.

For slash burning on an industrial scale, see Forestland Slash Burning.


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