The Colestin Rural Fire District is no longer operational. As a courtesy to our local community, this website will continue to be maintained on a limited basis and for a limited period of time; however, we are no longer liable for responding to fire calls, medical calls, or any other emergencies. We have not yet been annexed into Jackson County Fire District 5, although we will have their support during fire season, so at this time, District 5 is not primarily responsible for responses within our district. Instead, all calls should be directed to 9-1-1. The appropriate resources will be dispatched accordingly, and as they are available.

Welcome to our website, where you can find out about our current training events and meetings, recent district developments, current local fire danger levels & regulations (updated daily during fire season), rural wildfire prevention and home fire safety information, and much more.

We thank you for visiting our site, and invite your participation in, and support of, our volunteer fire district.

Our Mission:

"Our primary purpose
is to provide fire protection and prevention
and in-field medical services
for the lives, homes, property, and resources
in the 17-square-mile area within our district."

"To meet these objectives,
we respond to structure fires within our district;
respond to wildland fires within or on our district boundaries
in order to extinguish them or to contain and control them
until state or federal firefighting agencies are able to respond;
respond to medical and rescue emergencies;
provide firefighter and medical training to our district members,
and education in fire prevention to our community."


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The Colestin Rural Fire District is a non-profit volunteer public service agency chartered by Jackson County in the State of Oregon, funded in part by an annual county tax levy, with supplemental support from district fundraising and private contributions.

All donations to the Colestin Rural Fire District are entirely tax-deductible. The district's most recent budget is available online and can be downloaded for printing.

You are always welcome to e-mail us for further information about trainings, meetings, fire season regulations, and any other related questions or concerns.

We also welcome you to e-mail CRFD's webmaster with website feedback, or if you are new to the Hilt-Colestin-Mt. Ashland area and wish to be added to our mail list for district mailings, including fire season information updates, and/or to be added to our email list for updates during the fire season.