District Personnel & Contact Information


The Colestin Rural Fire District can be reached:

  • By mail at: 1701 Colestin Road, Ashland, Oregon, 97520
  • By phone at: (541) 488-1768
  • By fax at: (541) 552-9617
  • By Email here at our website


To access the Regional Emergency Response System:  

For all emergencies, CALL 9-1-1.  

The 9-1-1 dispatch operator will relay all relevant information to us locally, as well as contacting any needed additional back-up resources.


Fire Chief and Assistant Chiefs:

Steve AVGERIS - CRFD Fire Chief

David LIPKING - Assistant Fire Chief


CRFD's Board of Directors:

Position #1:  Pam HAUNSCHILD - member & grantwriter.

Elected in May 2013 to a 4-year term until May 2017. Previously, Pam has been the permanent Board-appointed replacement for this position as of October, 2011, succeeding Nancy Ames, finishing the remainder of the 4-year term from May, 2009 to May, 2013.

Nancy was previously appointed as a temporary replacement for the 4-year position previously held by Cheri Avgeris, who was re-elected most recently in May, 2009 and retired in Jan., 2011 (see below).

Position #2:  Peggy MOORE - member & Board Chair.

Re-elected im May, 2013, to another 4-year term until 2017. Re-elected Board Chair by Board vote in May, 2013.

Previously re-elected in May, 2009, to another 4-year term until May, 2013. Re-elected Board Chair by Board vote in Feb. 2011. Previously appointed, elected and re-elected to the Board continuously since 1985 and has held the post of Board Chair, except for a 2-year hiatus in the early 90s, for most of her tenure on the Board.

Position #3:  Teri THOMAS - member & Treasurer

Re-elected in May, 2011, to another 4-year term until 2015. Re-elected Treasurer by Board vote in May, 2013.

Previously re-elected May, 2007 to another 4-year term until May, 2011. Elected Treasurer by Board vote in Feb. 2011.

Position #4:  Cindy WARZYN - member & Board Vice-Chair

Elected in May, 2011 to a 4-year term, until May, 2015. Re-elected Board Vice-Chair in May, 2013, by Board vote.

Previously appointed by Board vote in September, 2009, to replace and complete the term begun May, 2007 until May, 2011, of resigned member Carolyn Brafford. Elected Secretary by Board vote in Feb. 2011 and served in that capacity until May, 2013.

Position #5:  Alissa LIPKING - member

Re-elected in May, 2013 to a 2-year term until May, 2015. [This position will become a 4-year term in May, 2015.] Previously, Alissa has been the Board-appointed permanent replacement for this position as of November, 2011, to finish the remainder of the term for this position from May, 2009, to May, 2011.

This position was previously held by Tod Davies, who in turn was Board-appointed in May, 2007, to replace and complete the term begun May, 2007, of re-elected and subsequently resigned member Mary Jo Trainor.  Tod was re-elected Vice-Chair by Board vote in Feb. 2011 until her resignation in Oct. 2011.

Adjunct Personnel:


Community Education & Outreach: Publications, mailings & kiosks postings (fire season regulation updates, fire safety & emergency preparedness info); webmaster; & mail list management


Fire Plan Committee Chair & Coordinator, Budget Committee member, Fuels Reduction Project Coordinator, and Emergency Preparedness Committee Coordinator


Budget Committee member


Budget Committee member & Fundraising Committee member


The most recent CRFD BOARD ELECTION:   The Colestin Rural Fire District Board had three four-year positions up for election in the Jackson County Special Election that took place on May 19th, 2015.

Results: The three incumbents were re-elected to another 4-year term:

Position 3: Teri Thomas (36 votes, unopposed).

Position 4: Cindy Warzyn (25 votes, winning majority); Jeanne Marin (12 votes); no write-in votes.

Position 5: Alissa Lipking (27 votes, unopposed).

For full election results, see the
Jackson County Elections Office site page. (Scroll down to just past half-way for Colestin Fire District results.)

Board Elections - General Info:  

Board elections for Special Districts, including volunteer fire districts, are held by Jackson County, Oregon, and normally occur in spring (March or May) of odd-numbered years.

Eligibility criteria for holding a seat on the Fire District's Board is that one must have a local permanent (primary) address within the district.

The filing date for anyone who is interested to file to run for the Board is in March. The filing fee to declare candidacy is $10; submitting a nominating petition has no cost but must include signatures of at least ten percent of the registered voters in the district based on numbers in the last election.

The May 16th, 2017, Special Districts Election:

To view open positions in the May 16, 2017 Special Districts Election, see the Jackson County Special Elections page (

For further details and forms, and to submit paperwork and the filing fee (or in lieu of the fee, a petition with at least ten percent of the number of registered voters in the district in the last election), contact Jackson County Clerk's Elections Center office at 1101 W. Main St., Suite #201, Medford, OR, 97501, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm on weekdays at ph#: 541-774-6148.

Election and filing information and all necessary documents, including a Candidates Manual and the filing Form (SEL 190), can also be downloaded from Jackson County's website on the Elections Forms page ( In particular, scroll down to the May 2017 Candidate Packet.

Forms and filing information are also available from our Fire Chief, Steve Avgeris; he can be reached at 541-488-1768 or cell# 541-821-8339.


You can always contact us:

If you have any questions about the District, our policies, fire season restrictions, etc., beyond the information presented here on our website, or if you have any other concerns or inquiries.

If you are new to the Colestin - Mt. Ashland area and would like to receive our fire season announcements and other occasional community educational information, please email us (c/o with your name and snail-mail address.

If you are not new but are not receiving our mailings, please let us know, and help us correct our mailing list information.

You are also always welcome to e-mail the webmaster with website feedback, problems, comments or inquiries.



Cheri Avgeris retirement & Board resignation:

Cheri Avgeris, May 1988, on CRFD's Firefighting Hot-Shot CrewCheri announced her retirement from the Fire District, and thus from the Board, in January, 2011.

Cheri has served the District as a volunteer in numerous capacities since the District received its official charter from Jackson County in August of 1983. Even before this, following the Colestin Fire in August, 1981, she was also instrumental in forming the District with other neighbors, and getting the first phone services to come into the valley in 1982. Since 1983 onward, Cheri has served almost continuously on the Board of Directors; for the past ten-plus years, she has also served as its elected Treasurer, providing the Board with detailed monthly financial reports.

Also since the District began, in addition to actively and continuously participating as a firefighter, Cheri has worked to develop the District's first responder Emergency Medical Services unit, becoming the Medical Unit Director for the District as our firefighting and emergency medical response services have grown and our first responder training has increased in order to meet an ever-higher standard of care and professionalism.

Cheri Avgeris, Aug 1999, with 1440, CRFD's Medical Response rig.Among our emergency medical responders, Cheri has responded to more medical calls over the years than anyone else in our District. At any time of day or night, she has been the always-reliable "go-to" person for emergency medical services here in the valley, selflessly putting the needs of others before her own, time and time again, often because, especially in the early years, there wasn't anybody else with her level of training who was available and able to go, when the call came in.

Cheri has been an integral member of our District, central to its continued existence and effective functioning, for almost thirty years. Often over-worked due to her dedication, and sometimes under-thanked and taken for granted as "part of the District landscape" after so many years, she leaves a large crater to fill in that same landscape now, as we find ourselves compelled to pick up the many responsibilities, commitments, and functions that she carried and handled for so long.

Cheri Avgeris, April 2010, Firefighter Training Awards NightHer dedication and presence in our District will be long missed, and for those of us who had the experience of knowing and working with her, we will also miss her warm, lively personality, her caring nature, her integrity of character, and her friendship.

With deep regret, but also with understanding, and sincere appreciation for all that Cheri has done and given to the District throughout the past 28-plus years, the Board has accepted her notice of retirement from the District and resignation from the Board. We all wish her the best possible future in her well-deserved retirement and life beyond the District.




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