District Map:   U.S.G.S. Regional Topographic Map

This is a U.S.G.S. color version topographic map of the District and general region.

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The Colestin valley and Mt. Ashland are located at the bottom-center of the map, just to the west of Interstate-5 (denoted as a thick red line). Mt. Ashland and Colestin roads are not shown, although Mt. Ashland itself is. To the immediate southeast of Mt. Ashland, the name "Colestine" (misspelled) is faintly printed.

The Railroad track is visible (denoted by a small solid black line) as it winds upwards through Oregon and later parallels the interstate again at the north end of the District, just beyond the Siskiyou Summit. Hilt, Calif., (not shown on this map), is located just below the California-Oregon border to the west of I-5.
U.S.G.S. color topographic map of the District and general region

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