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Jackson County, Oregon - Fire Protection Districts

Jackson County, Oregon - Fire Protection Districts - Enlarged View:

This map provides an overview of all of the regional fire protection districts, and shows the relative sizes involved.

The Colestin Rural Fire District on this Jackson County map at the bottom center, just to the left of Interstate-5 (the district is shown in an olive-green color). Other fire districts are located on the map according to the legend (bottom left). Areas in pale yellow are not located in a fire protection district.

Colestin's area, just inside of the State of Oregon above the Oregon-California border, is 17 square miles. This relatively smaller size, compared to other districts, can make fire protection appear to be deceptively easier here than it is, since the mountainous, steep topography of Colestin's district is not evident.

Jackson County, Oregon, Fire Protection Districts; Colestin below, center.

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