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Funding & Budget Report


The Newly Approved Budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Following the Budget Committee's presentation of the Proposed Annual Budget for fiscal year 2015-2016 and discussion with the Board at the recent Board Meeting on March 10th, the Proposed Budget was provisionally adopted by the Board at the same Meeting.

As required by law, the 2015-2016 Provisional Budget was publicly posted and available for public review ("sunshined") for a 20-day minimum period prior to its final review at the April 14th Board Meeting (as specified in the LB-1 Budget Hearing Notice for the Proposed Budget document). [In actual fact, the proposed Provisional Budget was publicly posted for 31 days, from 3-14-15 through 4-14-15.]

During the public "sunshine" period, Proposed Budget concerns or questions from our constituents can be directed to our Board members or brought up at the Board meeting date listed on the LB-1, when any questions or concerns are given due consideration before the adoption of the Final Budget at that meeting. During the recent sunshine period, however, no questions or concerns were brought forward to the Board.

At the recent April 14th Board meeting, after a brief review, the Proposed Provisional Budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 was adopted by the Board as the Final Budget for FY 2015-2016.

The Final Budget as approved will now be submitted to the State of Oregon before the June 30th deadline.

The Board extends its thanks and gratitude to this year's Budget Committee (Lisa Buttrey, Karen Dwyer, and Sharron Halvorson) for their very excellent work that enables the budget process to be a smooth one for all involved, and results in a workable, foresightful budget for our district's continued operational needs.

The LB-1 Budget Hearing Notice for the Provisional Budget for 2015-2016 was available for public viewing as of March 14th, 2015 for a minimum of 20 days as required by Oregon State law: [The LB-1 Notice was also publicly posted for 31 days, from 3-14-15 through 4-14-15.]

The Budget Committee Meeting during the recent March 10th Board Meeting was also publicly noticed, as required by law:

View the Budget Committee Meeting Public Notice (pdf).

For more information on the Budget process, see below.


Also on this page:


The Current Operating Budget: 2014-2015

 (In effect from July 1st, 2014 until July 1st, 2015:)

CRFD Budget for 2014-2015  (1 page - PDF format)
[The Proposed and Final Budgets are the same.]

The Colestin Rural Fire District 2014-2015 Proposed Budget was approved and adopted as the 2014-2015 Final Budget and was submitted to the State of Oregon prior to the June 30th, 2014, deadline for filing.

Prior to this, the 2014-2015 Budget as proposed was available for public review and comment for a minimum period of 30 days, posted on this website as well as in printed form in designated locations within the local community.




The Budget Committee:

Our Budget Committee members for the new 2014-2015 Budget now being prepared are: Sharron Halvorson, Lisa Buttrey and Karen Dwyer. Sharron and Lisa have served on the Committee for the past 13 years; Karen has served for the past 10 years.

We are very thankful for their work on this year's budget, and are grateful for the knowledge and experience that they each bring to the task of preparing and finalizing the budget, and for the time they give to do it.

The committee continues to be assisted by Teri Thomas, who serves on the Board and is also our Board Treasurer. Teri's background in accounting is a wonderful resource for the Board, and we are very fortunate to have her help and expertise with the budget preparation.

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The Budget Process:

Every year, the operating budget is reviewed line by line by the Budget Committee for the Board of Directors and the Chief, usually starting at the March Board meeting. Any needed changes are discussed. During subsequent meetings, any further recommendations and changes are discussed, and upon approval are incorporated into the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. Once all changes are finalized, the Budget committee presents a final review of the proposed budget. If there are no additional changes at that time, the budget is tentatively approved.

The Proposed Budget is then "sunshined" for public comment for a 20-day period. [Note: this was changed in 2013 by the State of Oregon from 30 days to 20 days for publicly posted notices within the district.] During this period, any concerns or questions raised by our constituent community members can be directed to our Board members, or brought up at the next Board meeting on the date specified in the LB-1 Budget Hearing Notice for the Proposed Budget document by any community members who wish to attend. Any questions or concerns from community members will be given due consideration before the Final Budget is adopted. Once adopted, the Final Budget is submitted to the Secretary of State in Oregon by June 30th.

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Public Posting Sites are:

  • CRFD's kiosk bulletin case on the lower end of the Mt. Ashland Ski Road (approx. mile marker one, on the left, adjacent to the covered postal lock boxes and row of mail boxes);
  • CRFD's Fire Station One at 1700 Colestin Road, on our new kiosk;
  • on our fire danger indicator structure in the south end of the valley on Colestin Rd. near Hilt;
  • and here on our website.


Previous Budgets:

The following Budget report documents can be viewed/printed:

(PDF file format - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.)


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